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Incidences of van break-ins and tool theft are rising. Tool theft alone has rocketed by over 30 per cent during the last year, with the Yorkshire and Midlands regions being prime targets. And our customers’ vans also carry other ‘precious cargo’. It’s understandable that everyone wants to get their hands on some Breedon Cement, but these thieves will have to buy it from their local independent merchants like everyone else!

The Ford Transit is a secure model, compared with other vans, but because there are so many of them on the road, higher numbers get broken in to or stolen.

Anti-theft tips:

  1. 1. Park wisely: Thieves will give your van a wide berth if they think they’re likely to be disturbed. Try to park it in a busy, well-lit area – preferably one covered by CCTV.

2. Ramp up your security: If you park your van at home or at work, upgrade its security (see below).

3. Don’t leave your van unlocked/unattended: Easily done, and very tempting to save time if you’re just popping into a customer’s premises, but it’s not worth it. Ditto windows – don’t risk leaving them open, even for a brief period.

Pick your product

There are many products available on the market to help secure vans and their contents. You can ask your local merchant or van dealership for advice, but here are just a few:

  1. 1. Be alarmed: Most vans come fitted with an alarm and immobiliser as standard, but you may be able to upgrade to a more advanced electronic alarm system – or even a vehicle tracking device.

2. Deadlocked: One security ‘quick win’ is a deadlock. Easily fitted and a great deterrent.

3. And more locks: Consider heavy-duty steering wheel locks and handbrake locks, as well as lockable fuel filler caps and wheel nuts.

4. On track: If the worst happens and your van is stolen, electronic GPS trackers boost its chances of being recovered.

5. Saving a smashed window: Apply plastic window tint – a smashed window will remain in place rather than break up.

6. Security on the cheap: Put a sticker on your van saying that no tools or equipment are left inside it overnight – it could work!